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Yes.  My turn is over with the Citizen’s Police Academy.  Now it’s time for YOU to do it.  If you have an interest in joining the Enid Police Department’s Citizen’s Police Academy, now is the time.  They will be accepting applications through January 14, 2013 for the next session, which will be the department’s 4th overall, that starts on February 26, 2013.

The course, just like the one I wrote about previously, is a 13 week course.  You only have to dedicate one night a week (2.5 hours) and you must be an Enid citizen 18 years or older.

How do you learn more?  You can go to the Enid Police Department’s website which has a page devoted to the Citizen’s Police Academy, here.  EPD Page about CPA

Where can you get an application?  Right here

I urge anyone who has a desire to learn about their police department, to apply.  And I challenge and strongly encourage anyone who may have doubt or negative thoughts about your police department, to also apply.  Give them a chance to change your mind.  Let them show you things from their perspective and their world.

If you are interested, you might re-read my series on the Academy to gain a bit of insight as to what it’s like week to week.  Now, obviously my reports are condensed versions of each week and much more information is presented to you.  Also, it’s really hard to write a story about shooting a fully automatic MP-5.  You can’t simply describe that for someone who has never shot one.

You can revisit my series right here!