Title:  Across the Universe (Across the Universe trilogy, Book 1)

Author:  Beth Revis

“I never thought about how important the sky was until I didn’t have one.”

The first time I picked this book up I will admit I sat it right back down. I wasn’t in a teen sci-fi romance kind of mood. But the second time I gave this book an honest shot and a day later I’m scrambling to find book two. I need to know what happens next.

Across The UniverseThe main characters, Amy and Elder are both 17 years old which lands this book in the YA section, but I really enjoyed this book as an adult. I probably won’t hand this book to my tween because of some of the scenes and plot points in the book yet, but I think older teens can handle it.

Amy and her family are cryogenically frozen and placed onboard the spaceship, Godspeed that will take three hundred years to reach its future home. Fifty years before it reaches its destination someone unplugs Amy and she is violently awakened and nearly dies. Others aren’t nearly as lucky as she is.

Elder, the future leader of the people that live on the ship and the only other teenager aboard the spaceship is struggling to learn what it takes to his the next generation. He is drawn to Amy who looks nothing like the other people aboard the spaceship who after so many generations are monoethnic, she sounds different, and best of all she has firsthand knowledge of Sol-Earth, the Earth their ancestors left.

Together Amy and Elder try to uncover the many secrets of Godspeed. The plot is somewhat predictable, the characters aren’t overly deep and motives aren’t complex but I enjoyed watching the story unfold. It was a fun easy weekend read.

A Million Suns is the sequel and already available in libraries and book stores but Shades of Earth the final book in the trilogy won’t hit bookshelves until January 15, 2013.