I’m just kidding.  Our roads are fine.  Are they ALL fine?  No.  Nevermind….I didn’t want to go down this road (pun intended…..)

So, the filing deadline came and went yesterday afternoon.  And after the deadline, here for your approval Route 60 Nation, are your candidates for City Commission in 2013:

Ward 3:  Ben Ezzell vs. Eldon Stephens
Ward 4:  Rodney Timm vs. Loyd Kaufman
Ward 6:  Joey Meiburgen vs. David VanHooser vs. Mickey De La Cruz

Let’s analyze this a little bit.  Just for fun.

I should state at the outset that I am going to try to get in touch with all the candidates and sit down with them at some point and interview them.  If you are a candidate and you are reading this, please shoot me an email, and I will try to set something up with most/or all of you.

Ward 3:

Ben Ezzell:  I think that someone from the Ezzell family must run for office every few years or Enid ceases to exist by an agreement made with the Cherokee before Oklahoma statehood.  I’ll check my facts, but I’m 31% sure that’s somewhat correct.

Eldon Stephens:  I should state for the record (to be fair), that I’ve known Eldon for almost 36 years.  How old am I you ask?  Almost 36.  Wait, what?  Yeah, he’s my uncle on my mother’s side.  Does that mean I’m going to endorse him?  Absolutely not.  Endorsements are earned and not given away simply because he bought be a few Hot Wheels when I was 6.


Ward 4:

Rodney Timm:  I have no idea who this guy is.  Anyone know?

Loyd Kaufman:  Former commissioner.  Frequent opponent of code enforcement.


Ward 6:

Joey Meiburgen:  Jesus I hope I spelled that last name close to right.  Joey’s family owns or runs Johnston’s or something like that.

Dr. David Van Hooser:  You probably guessed by the “Dr.” in front of his name that he’s a doctor here in Enid. Having a doctor at City Council meetings might not be a bad idea.  Eventually someone is going to stroke out at one of these things in anger.

Mickey De La Cruz:  He owns a restaurant downtown.  That’s about all I know about him.  To be honest, I thought Mickey De La Cruz was a championship boxer, but I guess not.

As always the School Board will stay the same.  I personally think that people just don’t want to have to campaign for a school board seat. Honestly.  I personally was one of the 5 or 6 who stepped forward recently when Collen Arnold resigned.  I think serving on the school board would be a great honor and honestly, what greater way to impact our community than by shaping the minds of our youth?  I was curious as to whether any of the others who stepped forward in hope of being appointed would attempt to run for the seat.  They did not.  Which proves my point.  Nobody wants to campaign for the School Board.