Nelly's Christmas Tips


Dear Readers,
I’ve been visiting with some friends recently, and one subject keeps coming up: What to get the 2nd cousins-in-law twice removed and their kids?!?!? I mean, we only see these people once a year, and I know nothing about them. I can barely keep their kids’ names straight. (Except for Bobby. I know him because they holler it about once a minute beginning the moment of their arrival. That kid is about 7 handfuls.)

Well, for this problem, I have a two part solution. Firstly, ever wonder who those giant variety popcorn tins were made for? Yep, that’s who. Buy one, throw a bow on it, and call it good. (Or, if you are into it,  bake them something.) This is assuming food allergies don’t run in your family. If so, then you need to buy a Jenga game. JengaIt can be played with by a variety of ages, and little ones just think they’re blocks. Now, the second and crucial part of this is to talk to them about it this Christmas. Maybe they are sick of trying to figure you out too. Maybe everyone should just quit buying for EXTENDED family altogether, or only buy for the children. Maybe you should have a cookie exchange, or just collect money for a charity your family agrees upon. The point is, if everyone is in the same boat, you’re going to be able to find a better way to do things, but only if you talk about it openly. Or, the faint of heart who just can’t bring it up can always keep the popcorn companies in business.

Until next time, stay sane and take care!