A week ago, I’ll bet not one of us could say with certainty that a place called Newtown, CT existed.  Or that there was a elementary school named Sandy Hook.  Did you know there is another?  It’s in Virginia.  Useless fact.

Newtown, CT

While I don’t have Associated Press rights to stories, I still get notifications from them about breaking news.  When I first received a notice about a school shooting in CT, I honestly didn’t think too much of it.  But then I received another one.  And  another one.  And I did something that I rarely do on The Sentinel.  I posted national news on our Facebook page.  And it was gut wrenching.

There are still so many things unknown about this massacre.  Little stories are starting to leak out about the heroes.  Vicki Soto.  She died saving her students.  Another story I heard today was about a teacher who told each student that she loved them as the gunshots got closer and closer to them.  She wanted each student to know that they were loved before they died.  Luckily, they all survived.  Another teacher who died literally shielding children with her body, but her and the children perished.  Unimaginable stuff.

My personal Facebook page has been littered with anti-gun and pro-gun rhetoric since the event.  It disgusted me to no end that there were people using this tragedy to call for new legislation the SAME damn day of the tragedy.  Let everyone breathe.  Let people grieve for the love of God!  And let us grieve not for political purposes, but for the families who have lost someone.  For the families that have a wrapped present under a Christmas tree that won’t be opened.  Think about that.  Christmas has been forever ruined for many families in that town.

I published this on our Facebook page.  It was posted by the folks at Reading Through History.  Let’s honor them with wonderful tributes like this rather than dishonor them by discussing political strategy now.  Politics will always be there later.