Nelly's Christmas Tips

How to keep the kids from melting down like yellow snow:

1.       Make sure the kids are fed. I know it sounds like a no brainer, but when adults get busy, sometimes they forget that little tummies are running on empty. Hunger causes tantrums in ALL age groups, so make sure you take the time to snack on healthy foods and that the kids always have something healthy to munch on.

2.       Take little breaks to spend one on one time with your kids. Many “bad” behaviors are just our kids’ way of getting some attention. They are not used to their parents being so busy or preoccupied. Maybe during snack time you can sit down together and play a quick game of go fish, or even peek-a-boo if your kiddo isn’t old enough for cards.

3.       Try to keep the stress out. Kids are like little sponge mirrors. Let me explain….they soak up all the emotions around them and then reflect them back. If you are calm, they will be much more pleasant.

4.       Cut yourself a break. Christmas doesn’t have to be “just so”. Your kids would rather have a happy memory with you than a “perfect Christmas”. Perfect doesn’t exist. May as well have some fun.

5.       Give the kids an important job. Most ages can put gifts into gift bags, or bag cookies, or put the Christmas cards into envelopes…little jobs that will save you time and make them feel a part of the festivities if you let go of that “perfect” thing I just mentioned.


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