Nelly's Christmas Tips

Hey all! Well, the big day is almost upon us, and your company is on its way. You don’t have much time left, and your in-laws are sure to comment if your house is still looking like THIS when they walk in. Here are a few strategies for quick clean ups…you know, like the grown up equivalent of shoving it all under the bed.


1.       Grab all the laundry baskets you have. Go through each public room and pick up items that belong in other rooms and put them into one basket per room. Now put all the baskets in non-public areas, or even the garage. That way, the stuff is out of the way, but will be easy to sort and put away later.


Not Nelly’s Nighties

2.       Dim the lights. That’s right, nothing creates a cozy mood (and hides the dust bunnies) like low lights.

3.       Dump some vinegar or baking soda into the toilet. Let sit. Grab a sponge or rag and wipe down the sink. Throw a fresh towel on the rack. Brush the toilet clean and flush. Close shower doors or curtain.

4.       Put on a pot of spiced tea or cider. It smells great and won’t offend allergies or diminish like sprays. It’s also way less obvious than a last minute Lysol dousing.

5.       If you have dishes on the counter, gather them and put them in the sink. Put a tray or cookie sheet over the top of the sink until you can take care of the dishes.

6.       Relax. There’s no “mess” like a stressed out host.


Stay sane and take care!