Enid vs. OKVD

The Enid Roller Girls are ready to start 2013.  However, unlike some college football teams who like to start their seasons off with easy games to help their win-loss record, ERG is going a different route in their first bout.  They are facing the best team in Oklahoma and a team ranked 14th in the WFTDA South Central Region…The Oklahoma Victory Dolls All-Stars.

The match-up with The Oklahoma Victory Dolls is more than just a regular bout.  It marks another step in the process for the Enid Roller Girls in becoming a full fledged league in WFTDA.  Essentially, if you want to play with the big girls, you have to actually play against them.

The bout will be held Sunday January 20th at 6pm.  This is being considered a “Friend and Family” bout.  What does that mean?  It simply means that it’s cheaper to get in than normal (only $5), there will only be 100 chairs set up and after that it will be standing room only, and there will be no DJ or announcer.  A stripped down version of what is normally seen, but still all the action!  And cheaper!

ERG experienced a rough off season losing some members.  In fact, the Roller Girls are actually starting the season precariously low in numbers on the roster.  But fear not.  Girls like Nikki Sixx Killer, Scream & Sugar, and Kelly RipHer are still ready to kick ass in 2013.  Insane O’ Bueno returns as does Pug Nasty.  So, it’s not all doom and gloom!

Route 60 will be proud to provide coverage of YOUR Enid Roller Girls as well as we can all season long.  And by long, I mean pretty much all year.  The season lasts forever!  Here is the schedule for 2013:

2013 schedule