Enid, OK –

On Sunday, the Enid Roller Girls had their first bout of the season against the Oklahoma Victory Dolls.  As previously mentioned by Route 60, the Dolls are THE best team in the entire state of Oklahoma.  Ranked 17th14th in the region, the Victory Dolls were probably never going to be really threatened.  The bout was, however a great learning experience for ERG and a gauge of what they are facing this season.

Just how tough it was going to be became evident after the first jam of the night.  OKVD took a 22-0 lead from the start.  By halftime, they had stretched that lead to 188-23.  The game finished 41-411.  Despite the score, ERG never gave up.  Well aware of how things were progressing score wise, they continued to play just as tough as they had from the opening whistle.  And make no mistake, they were playing as tough as they could.

To their credit, the Oklahoma Victory Dolls didn’t give up either.  Their blockers threw up nearly impenetrable walls all night and their jammers slipped by ERG sometimes nearly without being touched.  To say OKVD has skills is like saying Kevin Durant can make a basket.

The one thing that consistently amazes me about roller derby is the professionalism and respect displayed by the girls.  When plays are over, there are smiles and jokes.  When the whistle blows to begin a new jam, it’s on like Donkey Kong.  The person that you were just laughing with is suddenly trying to murder you.  Play over?  Smiles again.  Sort of the opposite of every other SPORT you’ve ever seen.  Competitive as hell, but they leave it all on the floor.  Heck, after this bout, I witnessed several Victory Dolls offering advice to the Roller Girls about various aspects of the game.  Classy?  To say the least.

So to some, they look at the score and are like, “Oh my God, that’s awful.”  No.  Not really.  Sometimes it’s not the score you watch.  Sometimes, it’s the bout.

Box Score:

Oklahoma Victory Dolls Enid Roller Girls
Name Points Name Points
Czech 1-2 136 Kelly RipHer 24
T-Pain 96 Tsai N’ Hyde 6
Blood Born Pathogen 78 Nikki SixxKiller 6
St. John 73 Scream & Sugar 5
Dolly Dynamite 28



Up Next & Other Things:

Next up for the Roller Girls is a trip to Denton, Texas for a bout against North Texas Derby Revolution on February 9th.

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