Decision 2013

Ok. So, we’ve had our rundown of the questions we asked the candidates in the race for Ward 6 City of Enid Commissioner. If you missed that, you can get it here: Ward 6 Questions


After carefully reading the questions we provided to the candidates and additional resources, here are the thoughts of the Route 60 Sentinel Editorial Board.


Melodie Lunday

Melodie Lunday (Route 60 Writer)

Melodie Lunday (Route 60 Writer):

I don’t know any of the candidates, so I was completely unbiased. I tend to be a very middle of the road kind of person, and look for a candidate who has strong values, but is still willing to be flexible when the facts come in. I look for people who are willing to really check into the issues, and who don’t have their minds made up before they get started. Most jobs look totally different from the inside, and you have to be willing to learn.

I am not overly fond of the theory that all City workings are a conspiracy. I know that personal feelings and relationships do sway decisions in most every form of government, but I don’t believe that Enid is unique in this way, and I don’t believe that the government is out to get us. I feel that most Commissioners are there because they care about Enid, or in the City Manager’s case, there to do a job to the best of his ability. (I don’t know Benson either, btw.)

Ward 6: Joey Meibergen

His suggestions for managing public relations at the City struck me as a great idea. I feel that a lot of what has happened to foster mistrust between the citizens and the City Government has been a lack of public relations efforts. I also like the fact that he is generally for improvements, but doesn’t hesitate to say that there are valid questions to be answered before moving forward. It’s hard to find anyone who isn’t all Gung Ho! or Hell NO! I think we need a balanced approach.



Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor (Route 60 Reader)


Jennifer Taylor (Route 60 Reader):

Ward 6 was a little easier than Ward 4 for me. I read the interviews numerous times and I ended up Choosing De La Cruz. No obvious reason. Maybe it’s the fact he puts it all out there (kinda like me) or that he feels the same way I do about the parks. I just feel he would make a good addition to our current council.





Mark Keefer (Route 60 Editor):

I’m tossing my support towards Dr. David Vanhooser.  My reasons are that I feel that having a man of his educational experience and budgetary concerns will be good on the council.  Having said that, I do  have a few problems with the candidacy.   In one portion of his response, he said that the one person who showed up to the public parks meeting was him.  No.  It was Ben Ezzell.  However, I do know Dr. Vanhooser does attend a lot of study sessions and regular meetings.  I was leaning towards De La Cruz before I read over his responses again.  Calling out council members who will have to work with in the best interest of Enid is not a great foot to start out on.  So, someone wrote a letter of support for Mr. Benson?  Who gives a shit?  People are constantly screaming from the hilltops about the things he has done wrong, but people never want to look at the good things.  It seems Mr. De La Cruz is one such person.  As for Mr. Meibergen, I took issue with a few of his responses and the tone in which he answered them.  Specifically the one about being taken from the AAB.  Instead of stopping with the perfectly fine answer of, the meeting was rescheduled (which doesn’t account for the other 3 times he missed), he chose instead to belittle the AAB and chose to instead say that he was asked to serve on 4 other boards.  Sounds like a little kid saying, “I don’t want to be on that team anyway!  I was asked to play with these other teams!!”  Not someone I want representing our town.

Ultimately, we have a three way tie.  So who is the Route 60 Sentinel Officially Endorsed Candidate for Ward 6? Nobody.