The NWS has stated that our transition to snow should be anytime from 11 to 1pm. The freezing line just hasn’t made it solidly into the area yet. We have had about 1.5 to 2 inches of rain in the region. Translate this to snow fall, we may have had 4-6 inches if we had been below freezing. Either way, it’s moisture.

Thinking is still 6-10 inches of snow but what falls will fall. We will measure it if possible when it’s done. Personally, I feel we will have 4-8 inches here but blizzard conditions will be in the area as the day progresses. Overall, we still have a strong winter event coming to the area so stay vigilant in your preparedness efforts. I received a text from the County Commissioners that the Garfield County Courthouse will close at 2pm.

Some snowfall measurements from out west are 9 inches at ALVA, 6 inches at SHATTUCK, 2 inches at HELENA, 8 inches at LAVERNE, 12 inches at WOODWARD.

Stay safe and we’ll advise later today. Here is the link to the enhanced page at the NWS. National Weather Service