Letter to the Editor

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Dear Editor

I would like to thank everyone who supported and voted for me in the February 12 ward three election. I congratulate Ben Ezzell I just hope he stands by the statement he stated at the February 6 firefighters union forum. Backing the non city uniform employee rights to be able to be represented by AFSCME 1136 enjoying, the rights and privileges that the police and fire union has guarantee to them by state law.

Right before the city council election AFSCME 1136 was notified by Eric Benson that the city would no longer negotiate with the non-uniform employees and discipline would be handled solely by his decision. This took the non-uniform employees by surprise since Mr. Benson had gone on record several times stating that the city would continue to negotiate and honor the contract with the non-uniform employees. After Mary Fallen had repealed the law that gave non-uniform employee the same rights and privileges their brothers and sisters in the fire and police are granted by state law.

I contacted Commissioner Wilson to enquire the reason for the change of heart by the city commissioners and administration. Her explanation was since the city employees did not get an initiative petition that would put it to the vote of the people they felt like the need for a union was no longer there. Most city employees are working overtime or two jobs to make ends meet and have little time to spend with their own families. The city employees have circulate petition before and it was suppose to go to the vote of the people in 2005 and at the last minute the polls showed the employees had the support of the public, the city council canceled the election.

Another neighbor for city workers

Eldon Stephens.