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As most of you are aware, we are in a slight risk for severe weather later today. The risks involve winds to 70+ mph and large hail. I realize we have had these threats in the past but they occurred in other areas. It looks like that threat could be in our neck of the woods so be watchful of this as all this mess comes together. There is also a small tornado risk as this is always the case with super cell thunderstorms. We’ll keep an eye on this too.

Timing appears to be anytime after 1500L, (3pm) through the late evening hours. This doesn’t mean that this will be the exact time but understand that conditions will be favorable for development after this timeframe. Mostly clear skies: that helps to de-stabilize the atmosphere, 50-60 degree dew point temps which will create very muggy conditions, along with all the atmospheric dynamics that are in the area; fronts, troughs, low, mid and upper level flow. As you can see there are many variables out there that can affect our weather.

All of this said, just stay weather aware and we’ll see what happens later today and adjust accordingly. I am putting our spotter network on stand-by just in case. Hopefully, we’ll see some more much needed rainfall, hopefully the soft kind.


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1. Text Alerts from Enid/Garfield County Emergency Management through NIXLE at Nixle . or text your zip code to 888777 for SMS notifications. Follow the instructions. This information comes directly from our network here in Garfield County.


2. If you want our email updates, forecast information, or want to be on our paging network, email the director at and we’ll put you on the list.


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During any incident or severe weather we STRONGLY encourage everyone to listen to your local AM and FM radio stations. They are 103.1-KOFM.960-KGWA, 107.1-KNID, 95.7-KXLS, 1390-KCRC, 104.7 KEIF-LP.

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Mike Honigsberg, Certified Director


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