Wonka BarOur family had the pleasure of attending the big screen showing of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory sponsored by Retro Theater Events on May 4th. We bought our tickets as soon as they went on sale because we love this movie, have never seen it on the big screen, and most importantly, we want to see the Esquire Theater revived to show more classic films! So, here’s my review of the experience.

First, the negative:

We weren’t prepared for all the talk/previews/short film before the screening. It’s not a problem, just know that the movie is not going to start after a 10 minute preview, and will end a bit because of that.


Now the positive: The staff was very friendly, professional, and dressed appropriately! They played music from some other great movies before the show, which was a really nice and inviting way to start the experience. The concession prices were very reasonable, and the concession area was clean and neat. The general atmosphere was totally classy, and the movie was AMAZING, with great sound and picture quality.

So, they’ve got some more great classics coming up in June, and I highly recommend that you make plans to attend at least one. It’s priced right, and it’s going to bring exciting things downtown! This is your chance to share some of your favorite movies and the REAL old fashioned movie experience with your kids! Not only that, but you can catch classics you never got to see on the big screen, or relive the good old days with your sweetheart. There’s just no reason not to want this to happen unless you just hate movies. Don’t be a hater! Show some love for the classics, and for Enid. Check out the next showings and like the page for updates here: https://www.facebook.com/#!/RetroTheaterEvents?hc_location=stream