Eleanor and ParkTitle: Eleanor and Park
Author: Rainbow Rowell

Some books I can’t help but race to the end and then after the last page I want to start over immediately. In the case of Eleanor and Park, I did. I was not prepared to say goodbye to these characters as I had grown to love them so much over the course of 325 pages.

Set in Omaha, Nebraska in 1986 Eleanor is the new girl with wild red hair and weird baggy clothes. A self described fatty she’s the oldest of five children in a poor family with an abusive stepdad. And like all teenage girls she has self image issues.


Eleanor and Parka

Park is half Asian but he’s lived here his whole life so classmates pretty much let him be. Park is reluctant to befriend Eleanor but soon realizes that she is very special to him. Together they experience first love.

Reading this “Young Adult” novel as an adult was fun because it brought back all those memories of being a teenager and the butterflies I felt when I held hands with a boy I liked for the first time and my first kiss. The characters were very relatable to both my upbringing and of my own children. Some teenage problems and emotions are present no matter the era.

There is a lot of foul language in the book and I know that upsets people but I felt it fit the characters and the situations but that is my only real complaint about the book. That being said, I absolutely loved this book and give it a full 5 stars even despite making me cry a little bit.