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12:27:37 PM 2013-05-31

One more day and this one will be a long one.

Somewhere in our state today, tornadoes will wreak havoc. Hopefully it won’t be here. Here’s the scenario:


1- We have a very slow weak cold front working its way south.

2- The atmosphere is very moist and will become exceptionally unstable by this afternoon. We have had mostly cloudy skies during the days earlier this week. We are looking to have mostly clear skies today. Keep in mind that this might change a bit.

3-The dryline is setting up to our SSW

4- Exact locations are not set in stone by any map out there right now.

5- Today’s dangers: wherever discreet supercells form, up to softball size hail, wind gusts to 75 mph, and large tornadoes may occur.


Yesterday I had many folks call and ask if driving south to various locations was safe. I guess they don’t pay much attention to email or to the weather forecasts. Let me state this directly and to the point for today: I would re-think plans to be in the OKC REGION for later this afternoon and tonight unless you check out the weather to make sure everything is east of that location where you want to be.

 Now for our area, as it looks right now, we will be on that borderline again where it could form just to our SSW or West of us and move across or it may form over us and move ENE or it might form east southeast of the area.

Either way, until all this comes together later today, all of our spotter network and then our Task Force will be on Stand-by Alert Status.


Stay EXTREMELY WEATHER AWARE TODAY and hopefully when all this mess moves away we can get some rest.


Sign up for our severe weather alerts program by texting your ZIP Code to 888777. During severe weather, listen locally to our FM radio stations KOFM-103.1 and KNID-107.1


Finally, we will be testing our Storm Sirens on Monday June 3rd at Noon if we don’t have to use them today. 


Mike Honigsberg, Certified Director

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Ways to get information directly from Enid/ Garfield County Emergency Management:


1. Text Alerts from Enid/Garfield County Emergency Management through NIXLE at Nixle or text your zip code to 888777 for SMS notifications. Follow the instructions. This information comes directly from our network here in Garfield County.


2. If you want our email updates, forecast information, or want to be on our paging network, email the director at and we’ll put you on the list.



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Sign up even if you don’t have a shelter. Let us know where you go within your house. This helps our search and rescue teams find you quickly.


During any incident or severe weather we STRONGLY encourage everyone to listen to your local AM and FM radio stations. They are 103.1-KOFM.960-KGWA, 107.1-KNID, 95.7-KXLS, 1390-KCRC, 104.7 KEIF-LP.