On Saturday night, the Enid Roller Girls were squared off against the Tornado Alley Roller Girls in their first home bout of the season.  It was a nail biter but in the end TARG squeaked out the victory 370-103.

Ok.  Let me get this out of the way, kudos to the Enid News & Eagle for finally giving the Roller Girls some love by plastering them all over the front page of today’s paper.  It is still extremely pathetic to me that it took this long and it’s even more deplorable that their sports editor refuses to recognize it as a sport. (background article here) At least the news department has some damn sense.

Enid Roller GirlsI’m sorry, I seriously want to let go of this whole issue of  “sport/not a sport,” but ERG being placed on the front page brought it back to the surface for me.  I had spoken about it to a few people last night at the bout, including Enid Enforcers owner Mark Timberlake, who was attending his first bout.  Not many know sports like Mark does and he was very clear in his vocalizations to me that it was very clearly a sport.  I also spoke with another attendee who was attending their first bout and halftime, they searched me out and were appalled that the ENE sports editor would say such things.  But I seriously was NOT going to bring it up.  After I got home I told myself that the issue really was moot.  It’s a sport.  But then, the ENE plastered it on the front page.  Clearly, the sports department needs to take lessons from the news department.

Now, on to the important stuff.  The bout.  It was a rout.  TARG destroyed Enid.  But the final score doesn’t really tell the story.  In the first half, ERG simply was non-effective against Tornado Alley, scoring only 16 points and being very passive (literally) on defense.  TARG jammers, including Lita-Lita Ho’Beata, were simply having their way with ERG.  They would sometimes skate through untouched and rack up as many points as they seemingly wanted.

But in the second half, Enid came out and played far more physically and the score reflected that.  Enid Coach Schoogz Knight said after the game, “…had we played the first half like we played the second, the score would have been much different and it would have been a completely different bout.”  I could not agree more.

Player Name Pts. Scored
Kelly Rip-Her 60
Scream & Sugar 20
Burnout Bandit 15
Nikki SixxKiller 4
I Owe a Beatin’






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I always take pictures of the event, but for some reason, whether it be my ignorance of photography or other factors, my pictures last night were just awful.  I managed to salvage a few that I will share here: