In the aftermath of May 20th’s storms, you no doubt saw many shirts being made as fundraisers for the victims of the tornadoes in Moore (and the forgotten devastation from May 19th).

Some organizations are donating to the American Red Cross or other organizations.  However, there is some leeriness in donating to American Red Cross, 1) after the 9/11 fiasco, 2) after the Haiti fiasco, and 3) after the texting fiasco here in Oklahoma where funds people thought were going to help Oklahomans but were simply going into the American Red Cross’s general disaster aid fund.  Now, we know the American Red Cross is on the ground in Moore and providing assistance, so we know some American Red Cross money is being spent here, but just how much has to be in question.

Privation PrintingEnter Privation Printing and it’s benefit.  Waiting patiently to put out a benefit shirt wasn’t easy.  They first spent time on design.  This tragedy has hit every Oklahoman in the gut pretty hard. . .we wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t put our best foot forward in the design for our benefit tee. With Shelley and my back and forth method of designing, that can take a bit of time and we were just happy that our fan base was patient with us,” said owner Tim Larsen.

Next, the company took time evaluating various charities to get a better picture of where the needs would be.  In fact, Oklahomans responded the only way Oklahomans can in the aftermath of the disaster, by overwhelming volunteers and command centers with so many things that they finally stopped asking for items.  A strong credit to our state and it’s willingness to take care of each other and something that should come as no surprise to anyone inside the Sooner State.

However, soon one need did develop and it was right in the Larsen family wheel-house.  There were many displaced animals as a result of the storms and taking care of them has been an overwhelming task.  The Larsen’s are fond of animals, living on a farm with many animals.  So, animals was a perfect way to go.

On Sunday, Privation released the design of the shirt and announced that 100% of the initial run of the shirt’s proceeds would be donated to Animal Welfare of Oklahoma City who is taking care of the animals.


A beautiful shirt, no doubt.  So, how do you get one?  It’s not hard.  Simply click on the shirt above and it will take you to their Etsy Shop, where you can make a purchase.  Alternatively, you can also call Privation at (580)234-1747.  Privation is located out in the James W. Strate Center for Business Development at Autry Tech.  Privation Printing has printed many Enid-Centric shirts, including the famous, “Lego Builder” shirt, the official shirt of the “Enid Buzz,” and is the official screen printer of the Route 60 Sentinel.

As of late Sunday night, the demand for the shirts from Facebook was already overwhelming Privation.  “They are going VERY well,” expressed Larsen.  “We are already going to place an additional order of the shirts we print these on as a result of the demand.”