From the Office of Emergency Management

As most already know we are in a slight risk area for severe weather anytime after 6pm today until 2 am Friday morning. The main threats are winds in excess of 70 mph and golf ball size hail. We look to receive at least an inch of rain if everything does come together. The SPC has modified the risk to Moderate in south-central Kansas. That area looks to have a bit more severe weather besides our 2 threats. We’ll watch for that later today.


I am sending this to remind everyone that the winds tonight, if all this does come together, will be the main issue. As you all can remember, storms that form in a very hot environment have a tendency to rain out fairly quickly and collapse. We all can remember the 80-95 mph winds we have endured over the last several years when isolated cells do collapse. We can’t leave out the hail threat as the atmosphere will become very conducive to large hail and with the wins, it might get interesting. This stated, we will be looking at a possible squall line as these come through so there will be several storms along the line as they move into the area. Timing is as stated in the last paragraph.


Stay Weather Aware later today as these storms develop and move through the area.