Office of Emergency Management

It’s been hot and humid all week and many have realized that taking heat precautions is a very good idea, especially those that work outside. If you have ever succumbed to even a mild episode of heat exhaustion, it doesn’t take much to make you feel bad out there. This is why we continue to keep the word out for those who may not be aware of these few facts. The NWS has a good list of precautions for everyone to heed. Here is a link to those:  If it has been awhile since you all reviewed this information, take a few minutes and review it again. It may save you from a boatload of frustration while feeling horrible. L

Weather-wise, the next 2 days look to be on the brutal side with temps around the 100 degree mark with humidity being a touch higher than normal. It’s important that you pace yourself when working outdoors. Overnight lows will average in the 70’s. Beginning Sunday, if the models are correct, we will see a substantial cool down. Highs look to be in the 80’s with overnight lows in the mid to upper 60’s. We may even see a few opportunities for some scattered thunderstorms. Later next week, we will begin to warm up once more. Oh well, it is summer!

The Fourth of July, fire wise wasn’t too bad. There were many that just couldn’t help but go out shooting Roman Candles at hay bales setting them on fire. All in all, I think there were at least 100 + lost due to arson. I have to admit that asking people to leave county roads and not shoot their fireworks did pay off.  We didn’t have as many fires but the ones we had were larger than most. We’ll do it all over again next year.

Finally, I normally don’t get political but there will be a vote in October for the “continuance” of the 1/10th of a penny tax for the Rural Firefighter’s. This 1/10th of a penny tax supports all 12 rural fire departments and has been a great asset for bringing in new equipment and training for all of our rural departments. It’s important that this continue. The ¼ cent tax that helps support Enid Police and Fire is perpetual and will always be there. When I lived in the Kremlin area back in the 80’s and 90’s, getting a fire truck started and out of the bay was an accomplishment at best. Today, we have some of the best equipment in EVERY jurisdiction and all the firefighters work very well together. This wasn’t the case way back then.

 As a quick example, we had a fairly large fire in a canyon area located west of Hillsdale in northwest Garfield County yesterday afternoon. We had grass rigs and tankers from Hunter, Hillsdale/Carrier, Drummond, Lahoma, Nash in Grant County and Goltry in Alfalfa County. The response was pretty quick and very impressive with everyone working as a team. Also yesterday, a trailer in Drummond caught fire. Drummond, Waukomis, and Lahoma responded to this one. The trailer is still standing, TOTALED, but still standing. This is what your tax dollars pay for. Keep in mind that Enid Fire responds out into the county to support the rural network and the rural network responds into Enid as we have before to support Enid. It’s just a major team effort in the overall realm of fire and medical protection and response. We are all here for you, our citizens, wherever you may be in Garfield County. Vote yes! October 8th.

Have a great weekend and stay cool.