City of Enid

Garland Tributary Detention Facility Under Construction

The placement of silt fencing and a bulldozer moving top soil are the beginning construction steps for the Garland tributary detention facility.  City of Enid officials announced the work on the detention site began today.

There are thirteen identified sites in Enid, and five sites have been constructed to some degree.  The next site under construction is Garland tributary detention located south of the new Prairie view School.  This site will incorporate about 30 acres and consist of moving approximately 50,000 cubic yards of soil.  The natural low area will be widen and flatten with a berm and includes a discharge pipe at the downstream area.   The widen area will allow for detaining storm water in this area and protect flooding of downstream property along Quail Creek and Boggy Creek.

The City of Enid has adopted a regional storm water detention policy and calls for the placement of large holding basins throughout the City.