Enid Roller Girls

So, last Saturday, the Enid Roller Girls faced off against the North Texas Derby Revolution’s Fighting Unicorns.  Yes, seriously.  The Fighting Unicorns.  They had fans wearing them.  They had people doing odd dances (I think they were attempting to be cheerleaders, but they were failing miserably).

I’ve already reported the score.  Well, not really.  I simply implied that it was a blow-out.  A lot of things (everything) went right for the Fighting Unicorns all night.

Before I get to the final score and stats, I want to acknowledge the attendance of Keller Taylor and some of the staff from the Enid Event Center.  It’s always nice to see local people of importance out at least checking out things.  On that note, the Roller Girls last bout of the season will be September 28th.  Mark it down.  It will not be at the usual location, rather it will be held in the Enid Event Center!  Can not wait for that!

Now to the stats and scores.


Team First Half Second Half Total
North Texas 135 175 310
Enid 35 56 89




Team First Half Second Half Total
North Texas 14 15 29
Enid 16 17 33


ERG Box Score

Player (#) Penalties Points
Kay Rotti #2 2 —–
Hott Rodd Havoc #411 7 —–
Nikki SixxKiller #462 4 29
I Owe a Beatin #5 2 —–
Burnout Bandit #66 1 —–
Piper Pop Rocks #666 4 11
Sassy Wrecker #777 4 —–
Total Riot #8 4 —–
Kelly Rip Her #910 1 10
Polly Punching Pocket #KO 0 9
Scream & Sugar #512 0 30

Now for some pictures.  Much like the Roller Girls, I simply was not on my game and had a bad night behind the lens.  I blame the horrible lighting.