Ward 5 Commissioner Tammy Wilson and Ward 2 Commissioner Mike Stuber have directed City staff to develop the Bad Attitude Relocation Fund (BARF).  The commissioners have asked City of Enid staff to use CDBG funds to create this special fund that will allow the City to issue grants to hateful, nasty, vitriolic people so they can move out of Enid.  Apparently there has been a widespread misunderstanding that Highways 412 and 81 only go one way but that is not the case – they do, in fact, lead out of town as well so people are not actually “stuck” here as they claim.

The last ten years have seen a very palpable change in the culture of community involvement in Enid. The antiquated phrase, “there’s nothing to do here” has turned into “there’s so much to do here!” and the people that cling to the old ways are quickly becoming the minority.
As one Disney character put it, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”  “Really, what does it accomplish?” one Enidite queried. “What sense of satisfaction do they get from running absolutely every single thing down?”
“Essentially, we have discovered that a vast majority of Enid citizens are frankly just tired of the negativity and venom being spewed about absolutely everything so we decided that everyone would just be happier if we trucked all the hateful people out of town,” Commissioner Wilson stated.  “We also believe this will help with our housing issue.  We should be able to free up some space for the people that are happy to be here.”
“I am so excited about this new plan!” said one Enid resident. “I get so tired of seeing all the nasty comments about our wonderful city every day. They can go be unhappy somewhere else.”
City Manager Eric Benson expects the issue to be on the agenda in the next few weeks. There will also be a new procedure instituted at City Commission meetings during the Public Discussion portion of the meetings. “Constructive criticism or valid issues are more than welcome.  However, if someone just wants to be hateful, they will automatically be placed on the BARF list and given top priority.”