So, imagine my surprise.  I go over to see what the Eagle had today.  Yes, I do occasionally check them out.  It’s the Eagle and The Onion for the funniest news on the internet.

It seems The Eagle is trying a new way to gain subscribers.  They have chosen to employ the same sales tactics as a crack dealer.  They give you a little taste first and you have so many articles before they cut you off and you have to pay for the rest.  Pure genius!  So, now those folks who paid for online advertising with them will be seen by WAY fewer people.  How cool is that?

boxFor some reason, it doesn’t seem to be working properly.  I was told yesterday that I was no longer able to access their site by a special popup on my phone.  When I go through my Twitter feed, I see the ENE links and sometimes a headline properly written draws me in.  Today, it tells me I have 19 articles remaining.  My computer has deployed the popup too, but today, I don’t even get the “You MUST PAY for this” Popup.

I feel bad for them.  I really do.  It’s like putting out a foam cup and asking passerbys for change.  In defense of the Dying Dinosaur, a lot of newspapers are going to this model, some with varying methods.

So, what is one to do?  How do they read the Eagle for free.  Hey, the Public Library of Enid & Garfield County has some you can read for free.  Hospital waiting areas are rife with them.  Bird cages.  Puppy training areas.  All places you can find it.  I could also tell you a secret way to bypass that annoying box, but really, that’s not fair to the Dinosaur.

Or you could do the right thing.  Ditch them.  Read and enjoy The Route 60 Sentinel, I Love Enid, and Enid Buzz.  The three together pretty much kick the feather’s off the Eagle’s tail.  Or Dinosaur.  I forget, it’s the Dinosaur now.