There are several things to discuss today so we’ll start with the weather. We are near a Slight Risk area for severe weather later today. As it looks right now, our main threats will be lightning, strong winds, hail, and the possibility for flooding rainfall. Watch out for low lying areas. There is a tornado threat out west but unless something changes dramatically, that threat shouldn’t make it to our area. The front should impact the North Central part of the state sometime after midnight tonight. There is a dryline involved with this front too, so that could be where the heavier weather may occur. We are watching this developing system closely as changes can occur fairly quickly. Moisture return right now is very important and we are watching this also. Overall, just be prepared for some thunderstorms and a few may be marginally severe due to the above mentioned threats. We will update as needed.

Those of you that have our Viaradio warning radios have probably noticed that they are blinking red. They are stating NO EWS. The problem is a system issue, not your radios. We hope that this can be fixed before this storm system gets in here but if it isn’t, make sure you have other ways to stay informed. We will post more weather info on our website and for those of you that have FOLLOWED us; you will receive those updates to your phones and or email. If you want this info from the website, go to www.gcem.org and click the follow button on the lower right hand part of the page. Fill in the info requested and you are good. We will possibly utilize the NIXLE system a bit more so if you haven’t signed up for that you can do so by texting your zip code to 888777 and follow the instructions.

For those that attended the last Hazard Mitigation Meeting, I need those forms back as soon as possible so I can get them to our provider.

The next LEPC, Local Emergency Planning Committee meeting will be here at Station 1 EFD on October 16th at noon. This meeting will be a BYOL, (bring your own lunch meeting). We are having this one at Station 1 because our program will be presented by EFD Hazmat. They will have a presentation and then show us the Regional Response Unit they have here at the station. It should be a very good presentation. Everyone is invited to attend this meeting. That stated, if your organization deals with hazardous chemicals, you really should attend this group. We meet 4 times a year and have programs put on by the various agencies that deal with hazardous chemicals so we can have a better understanding of what you have and how you deal with emergencies within your companies. The Enid Area Disaster Planning Group should also attend these meetings as there is very good information that can be learned from the various companies out there.

All of this said, on November 14th, 2013 we will host a major tabletop exercise here at Station 1. As most of you all remember, last year we destroyed a large part of Enid with a major tornado. This year, we are going to continue that scenario but on a smaller scale. I will let this part out of the bag, so to speak; the area involved will be where the tornado track is between Chestnut and Garriott and between Cleveland and Oakwood. There are many business’s, homes, schools, and churches in this area and believe me when I say that this will tax all of our resources and the resources of our surrounding counties. Every entity that deals with any type of disaster from response to medical treatment to funeral and recovery needs to be involved with this exercise. City and County officials are invited to this exercise. ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND; EXERCISES are designed to find weaknesses in all agency plans, guidelines, and instructions. There is NO failure in an exercise. We find weaknesses together and fix them BEFORE the worse happens so hopefully the response through recovery is better handled by everyone involved.

 Finally, stay weather aware today and over the weekend as the battle of the seasons continue.


Mike Honigsberg, Certified Director

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