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ADA Sidewalk Improvements at Cleveland and Garriott Road

Construction will begin on the ADA sidewalk improvements at Cleveland Street and Garriott Road on Tuesday, October 1st.  According to City of Enid’s Engineering Department officials, the right lane on Cleveland street will be closed at Garriott Road between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Message boards have been placed on Cleveland street in advance of the work zone to inform the traveling public of the pending construction.  Periodic temporary right-lane closure may be necessary on Garriott Road during the construction effort, but will be avoided if possible and limited to the same hours of operation.  Motorists are urged to drive with caution in the construction zone, but as always we know that will be ignored.


Northbound and Southbound Left Lanes to be Closed on Cleveland

On Monday, September 30th, the left lanes northbound and southbound on Cleveland Street, north of Randolph Avenue will be closed due to sanitary sewer repairs.   According to City of Enid’s Engineering Department officials, the contractor expects to complete all work on or before Friday October 4th.  Motorists are urged to drive with no caution in the construction zone.


Kress Building Facade to Be Summarily Demolished Via Dynamite

In super distressing news to some people, plans to demolish the Kress facade via dynamite are currently on schedule according my sources.  After the demolition, local dignitaries are likely to take turns urinating and defecating on the ruins while laughing maniacally.   The public is invited to attend, but only watch.


OK….I was joking about the Kress Facade.  But Boomer needs to come back soon.  Or HELL WILL BE PAID.

No blurb here.  Just a stern warning.  Boomer needs a home.  A highly visible home.  You’ve been warned.  Don’t mess with Boomer.  Thanks for protecting him from the construction…but….just don’t mess around.  Ok.  There was a small blurb.


Consultant Finally Pays Off;  Says Something I Agree With

In my last edition of News Briefs (search for it….It’s Peabody Award winning stuff), I kinda insinuated that Berkley Young, travel expert, said something that was overly obvious.  I stand by that.  I will also stand by this quick quote via the Eagle:

Young said localities must make sure their attractions are unique and entertaining to the public. The message must stand out and be memorable, connect emotionally with the traveler and motivate interest, he said.

To do that, communities must tap into the silent majority, Young said, which is about 70 percent of the population. They are quiet and do not say anything, but if called on will help. About 20 percent of the community are leaders and 10 percent are CAVE people: Citizens against virtually everything.

“Don’t pay any attention to them,” he said.  Source:

Cave people….

don’t pay attention to them

don’t pay attention to them

don’t pay attention to them