Enid Roller Girls

The Enid Roller Girls, before a very loud and larger than normal crowd, put on one of their best bouts of the season on Saturday night.  The girls seemed pumped to be playing in an arena.  In addition, Pete Ramos Photography supplied the first 250 fans in the door with a cowbell.  Who doesn’t want more cowbell?  Probably, after the bout, Tulsa did not want more cowbell.

I was beginning to feel like I was a bit of bad luck for the girls.  Every bout I had attended this year had been a loss.  Usually a crushing, horrifying defeat.  Saturday night was redemption time for the girls and it made me feel as if the curse of Route 60 had been lifted.

In the first half, the leading jammer T’sai N Hyde with a whopping 73 points.  She would go on to finish the bout with 76 points.  Team captain, Scream and Sugar scored an amazing 118 points to lead all jammers for the bout.

The refs were busy calling fouls in the bout.  At times, it seemed as if their were more girls in the penalty box as there was on the track.  In fact, after contributing 41 points in the second half, Nikki Sixxkiller was ejected after fouling out.

#512 Scream & Sugar 57 67
#910 Kelly Ripper 15 55
#86 T’sai N Hyde 73 3
#5 I Owe A Beatin 9
#8 Total Riot 9 5
#462 Nikki Sixxkiller 41
163 165







I would encourage anyone who thinks they might want to join the fun, to check out the Enid Roller Girls, New Recruit Nigh.  It’s November 17th at Skatetown.  Check out the Facebook page for more information: New Recruit Night!

And now for some pictures of the evening.  I have to admit, I found myself watching the bout more than I usually do, so I did not take quite as many pictures as normal.  Oh, and warning….one picture has a cuss word in it and thus, is NSFW.