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So, thanks to voters, we get to purchase alcohol on Sundays if we so desire.  Thank you to the voters and thank you to those who helped organize the run-up to the election from the signatures that were demanded by the County Commissioners, the t-shirts, to the fundraiser tailgate party.   I think this is a clear sign that Garfield County voters are a bit more progressive than some might think.  Also, I’d like to point out that the Route 60 Sentinel Special Election Desk was the first to call the election in favor of the booze.  But just barely.  Then word went official.  But who is counting right?  We are!



I don’t watch it, but apparently a 24 year old country singer named Brian Pounds was selected by two judges on Monday’s show.  Route 60 Sentinel favorite Cee-Lo Green and Ardmore native Blake Shelton both opted to turn their chairs in favor of Pounds.  Pounds, who had a choice of which singer to choose to team with, went with the country star, Shelton.  Pounds was apparently raised in Houston and according to the video here….lives in Austin.  This just HAD to happen during OU/Texas week didn’t it?



Speaking of OU…So, many of you have no doubt heard about the new jerseys the Sooners are going to wear in the Cotton Bowl come Saturday.  In an age of football when some teams have different jersey combinations, could this be Nike’s attempt to get OU to change their traditional jersey?  Who knows?  Oregon, as of 2012, had 9,984 different jersey combinations.  Seriously.  Recently, Oklahoma State hopped on the bandwagon, like a lot of schools, and started having different uniforms for different games.  Despite being a Sooner fan, I love the dark Oklahoma State helmet.  While I think the move has paid off for Oklahoma State, some universities look silly, like Oregon.  As such, Oklahoma has maintained it’s traditional uniform, with only minor tweaks over the past few decades.  So, even just a golden emblem on an OU jersey is kind of different to see.  Again, they are minor tweaks and apparently, Texas is doing the same thing.  Thoughts?


Today’s weather looks good!  High near 81, sunny, with winds 10-15 mph, however gusts could reach 20 mph.



A little something to get your humor jump started today….