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At 9am CST, voting will begin in the Toyota contest that could land one local non-profit group a new Toyota.  The Woodring Wall of Honor was chosen from a pool of nearly 2500 candidates.  That group was narrowed down to 250.  Over 50 days, Toyota will give away cars and cash to vote getters.

If the Woodring Wall of Honor receives the most votes and is awarded the vehicle, it will be used for travel across Oklahoma once the Educational Center and Vietnam Memorial Wall projects are complete. They will be making presentations and transporting educational materials regarding the Veteran’s Park & Vietnam Memorial Wall.  There won’t be another Vietnam Memorial Wall within a 250 mile radius of our community.  They will transport displays, memorabilia and volunteers to schools, veteran’s organizations and social service organizations for presentations.  Many of our veterans can’t financially visit the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC.  They will use the car to provide transportation for aging veterans who want to see the wall but don’t have the ability to travel to DC.  They will create a program to provide free transportation for them.




This is not the first time we’ve been asked to publish a “Letter to the Editor” that the Enid News & Eagle either refused to publish or asked to have parts removed.  As always, the opinions in letters are the opinion of the writer.  Route 60 strongly believes in the right for everyone to have their opinion heard.  I will have some additional commentary after the letter…

After the addition of sexual orientation to the city of Enid’s anti-discrimination policy failed, to a standing ovation, City Commissioner Dr. David Vanhooser wrote a nasty, self-serving Facebook post stating it was the choice of the people. I am sickened by the actions of those who gave a standing ovation to denying their fellow citizens the same rights the “good upstanding Christians” are afforded.

I am disgusted by Dr. Vanhooser’s letter calling Enid a tolerant city. If that were the case, this would have been a non-issue, and would have passed.

Mayor Shewey, your late son Jeff was an amazing GAY man, I knew him. How do you think this blatant disregard for equality for ALL MEN as our Constitution calls for, would have affected your OWN SON!

There is clearly no separation of church and state in this city. Made apparent by the Christian prayer at the beginning of every City Council meeting. Why aren’t any other religions represented in these prayers, or better yet, why are they happening at all?

I will not be silenced. I will stand for the equality of all citizens and this fight is not over. And for all you Christians quoting two verses from the Old Testament, you are not allowed to pick and choose your verses to support your agenda and force them upon others. Better throw out all your shellfish, mixed-material fabrics, then there is divorce (stoning if I’m not mistaken), slavery — shall I continue?

The same arguments have been used time and again when it came to women’s rights, the equality of blacks, interracial marriage and more.

Dr. Vanhooser and Mayor Bill Shewey, of course, you didn’t want any discussion on the issue. Neither of you had the decency to be at the council meeting when it was discussed.

Tyler Bowen, Enid


The first thing I want to say, is to be fair, 4 people voted no that night.  Mike Stuber, who I’ve already bashed quite enough, the Mayor, Dr. Vanhooser, and Rodney Timm.  While some may disagree with Dr. Vanhooser’s and Mike Stuber’s reasons for voting no, at least they had the courage to provide reasons why they voted the way they did.  Second, in regards to the Mayor, we have no idea how conflicted he may or may not have been on this issue.  And some may argue that it is none of our business in regards to his personal life.  I might agree.  However, I will not allow someone who has written a letter to be published to be censored.  Now, there are limits to that of course, but we really don’t need to go into them at this time.  Mr. Bowen assures me that he has tried on numerous occasions and using numerous methods to contact the Mayor, to discuss the vote.  The Mayor has not responded to Mr. Bowen.

As many have said, it was a win for this to have been discussed in Enid, America.  To have the discussion and a vote, is a step.  Next time, the step will be a leap.