Enid Police Department

On October 25th, 2013, Enid Police Narcotics Detectives received information that a suspicious package possibly containing contraband was to be arriving at the address of 1407 East Cherry. During the investigation Detectives observed the package being delivered to the residence on East Cherry. Shortly after the package was delivered a Marron Honda driven by 22 year old Karen Davis arrived at the residence and a female passenger later identified as Sentoya Rogers exited the vehicle and retrieved the package from the front porch. The two women then left the residence and Detectives followed the women to an address located at 1906 East Cedar. Detectives made contact with the pair and discovered that there was a 5 month old child in the back seat of the car. Detectives spoke with 31 year old Sentoya Rogers about the package she retrieved from the residence on East Cherry and she responded by saying that she was picking up a package from a friend. When Sentoya was asked who her friend was she refused to say who she was picking it up for. Detectives then spoke with Karen Davis and Karen said that Sentoya told her to go to the house on Cherry so she could pick up a package for her “baby’s daddy”. Detectives then obtained a search warrant for the package that Sentoya was seen picking up from the residence at east Cherry. Upon obtaining the search warrant Detectives open the package and found that it contained approximately 4 pounds of high grade marihuana. Upon further searching the vehicle a small metal tin containing marihuana was located in the vehicle along with a glass pipe commonly used to smoke marihuana.  Sentoya Rogers was placed under arrest for possession of CDS with intent to distribute in the presence of a minor. Karen Davis was placed under arrest for possession of CDS in the presence of a minor and possession of drug paraphernalia

Detectives say the marijuana seized has an approximate street value of $35,000.00 dollars