Winter Weather

“….Jack Frost nipping at your nose….”

Yes, unfortunately it’s that time of the year.  When families gather again to give thanks and news channel’s in Oklahoma City to panic.  Tis the season.  Truly.


Oklahoma Emergency Management

Here is what our local weather guru, Mike Honigsberg from Garfield County Emergency Management, has to say about the weather.

As most are aware, there is a cold front moving in. This front will provide low temps in the low 20’s and maybe upper teens by Saturday morning. It will also bring chances for some freezing precipitation. Light freezing rain is possible later tonight through Friday. Also, sleet looks likely and my feeling is that sleet will be more prevalent in our area. Elevated locations will be directly impacted so watch out for bridges and overpasses.  There is also a chance for some light snow late Friday into Saturday morning.

If you are going to travel anywhere over the next day or so, stay aware of conditions around you. The freezing rain issue has a higher probability south of us but could happen anywhere in the area. If driving, slow down. Nothing is that important that you end up in a ditch. Also, fill up your vehicles before traveling. Many know they can make it here or there on ½ tank or less but if you end up stranded, that extra fuel may be the difference between staying warm or being very cold. WIND CHILL will be a MAJOR player too. Take warm clothing when you travel just in case.

Later on Sunday, there is a POSSIBILITY we may see some more winter weather. That storm track hasn’t been totally determined yet so pay close attention to what the NWS is stating at the following address:

With all the hype on TV that we are going to have major devastation you need to take the time and read what the NWS has to say. Believe it or not, there shouldn’t be drama when you read this info for yourself.

I am having issues sending these emails in bulk the way I did since onenet changed their system so we are making changes along the way. We will keep you all up to date on this as time moves forward. One more thing, if you want to receive information from our blog when we post it, go to and follow the blog. You will receive a notice that we have posted something and you can read it at your leisure.  

Have a good day and stay warm.

Mike Honigsberg

GCEM UPDATE:  Since this email was sent out, Mike has updated on the situation.  Here is the update.

The front arrived early surprising all that try to understand the timing issue of winter weather. Mother nature showed us once again that “she” is in charge.

Temps will continue to fall throughout the rest of the day and we should bottom out somewhere around the mid 20’s by Friday morning. The freezing rain/drizzle issue is still likely but will wait to comment about that later as the storm system gets a bit closer.

Weather this afternoon should be fine with lite drizzle but getting colder. Just drive carefully and slow down as we get closer to the freezing mark later this evening.



National Weather Service

So, with that, let’s take a look at what the National Weather Service is saying.

Friday Weather

Ice Accumulation Potential

Sunday Winter Weather


To keep up with things, do not be afraid to tune into local radio, the National Weather Service website, and the Garfield County Emergency Management website.