Don't Panic and Just Prepare

In light of Emergency Manager Mike Honigsberg’s new slogan and excellent suggestion of “Don’t Panic, Just Prepare…” I thought it would be good to help you in that quest to prepare.

First, the most common question that people have about our impending weather is, “What are we going to get in the way of precipitation and how much are we going to get?”  The answer is not so easy.  Winter weather is some of the toughest weather to forecast for even the most experienced meteorologist.  That is why sometimes when we are predicted to get 2 inches of snow and end up with either no snow or 6 inches of snow.  There are so many variables that can change the winter weather and what we can receive.

Now, what can you do to get ready?  This web page on the National Weather Service website is designed to help you answer most questions you might have during winter weather.  But just like Mike’s motto suggests, don’t wait until the last-minute to prepare.  Do it now, and it won’t be such a hard thing or such an stressing event.  This is not the end of the world.

Winter Weather Safety

One last item that people are always wanting to know about is travel.  Rightfully so.  Winter weather can wreak havoc on the best maintained road.  The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety helps keep everyone posted on road conditions.  This webpage shows you a map of Oklahoma and what conditions are like in each “Troop’s” section.  As most people in Enid know, we are in Troop J.  The box below the map gives more detailed descriptions of what is being reported in an Troop’s area.

Oklahoma Road Conditions