Don't Panic and Just Prepare

So, a quick update on weather as it stands now.

The National Weather Service has changed their forecasted accumulation totals, as expected.

National Weather Service Map

provided by National Weather Service.

One of the most dangerous aspects of this weather system will be the frigid temperatures and wind chills.  If you are in a car, you should make sure you have a full tank of gas and some blankets in your car.  Travel to our south is being discouraged during this system as they have a greater chance for ice accumulations.  In the story yesterday, I provided a link to the DPS road conditions page.  Use it.

This was the morning update from Garfield County Emergency Manager Mike Honigsberg:

I will keep this short and sweet. The front has arrived and as the day progresses, the colder air will be filtering into the area.  As it stands right now, snow will begin sometime during the overnight hours tonight. There are several troughs that will move through the area and the first will be tonight through Thursday afternoon. It won’t snow all the time but amounts tomorrow won’t be too bad. Thursday during the overnight hours, the main brunt of the second wave will move in. If the storm track verifies, this is the one that will bring heavy snow Thursday into Friday and it’s the one that may cause a major ice event south of us.

This said some parameters may change as this system comes through the area. We look to receive 2 to 4 inches of snow but some amounts may be less or more in some areas. The key factor other than some precip is the following:

 WIND CHILL!! I CAN’T STRESS THIS ONE ENOUGH. Wind chills may reach the single digits as our temps fall. It doesn’t take long for skin to freeze with wind chills in the single digits and possibly below zero. Monitor this closely as temps fall over the next several days. Make sure the kids understand to cover up as they won’t realize how cold they are until they start to thaw out. If you have ever come close to freezing your skin, and I have before, it is very painful as you thaw out. The pain is extremely bad.

Overall, just use common sense and stay up with the latest conditions as we make it through another winter storm. Traveling south after today is NOT ADVISED.

Time to prepare is almost out.