Ponder This


Hello, fellow animal lovers! You love your pets…right?!? You want them to be happy, and vibrant, and full of life! What if I told you that most of us are sabotaging our pets’ health? What if I told you we are doing that very thing by following the “rules”? Let me explain.


I hFat Dogave an 11 year old poodle, and for the past few years, he’s been putting on the pounds. We are careful not to feed him from the table, and I was feeding him in the low to middle range of the amount of food recommended on the pet food bag. I feed him a high quality food, and I thought I was doing everything right. I thought…”Of course he’s getting a little pudgy….most animals do as they get older”. But I was starting to get worried about him because he was starting to act sluggish, and was having a hard time getting on and off the furniture, and seemed to be in a bit of pain. I’ve never had a small dog before, and I can tell you that all the big dogs are having these kinds of issues at his age because they are near the end of their life span. I thought it was fairly normal, but I made an appointment for a check up anyway. I asked the vet about his weight gain, and she asked me about our feeding schedule/amounts. She was astounded at how much food he was getting! I told her that I only went by the feeding guide on the food. She told me that for my dog, I could easily cut what I was feeding him by HALF or MORE! So, in August, I cut his food amount by ¼ for a few days, then by 1/3 for a few days, and then I settled on giving him just a tiny bit over ½ of what he had been eating. Oh, and I still give treats. He gets one or two per day, but they are the size of a cranberry, so it makes him happy without making him flabby!


Little by little the pounds started coming off…without increasing his activity. Now, 5 months later, I have an older dog (almost 12), who acts like a pup! He leaps in the air and frolics, and plays with toys! He’s so happy! It’s amazing to see the change in him, and it’s a pleasure to have my companion asking once again to play! The nice bonus to this is that I’m saving money every month on the food bill, AND I know for a fact that my vet bills were getting ready to sky rocket because he was having pain and mobility issues which were mostly caused by his weight…NOT age! So, ask your vet how much you REALLY should be feeding your animals. It’s worth the cost of a consultation, and you’ll likely save that in the first two months!