Longest title ever. I know.

The PEGASYS issue in our hometown has become one of those issues that people seem to have an opinion about, but yet they don’t seem to know exactly what is happening.

By reading opinions on Facebook and other sites, you’d think the City of Enid was starting its own station. From what people are saying, it’s a “propaganda machine.”

Part of the problem, perhaps is the spreading of misinformation. And unfortunately, some of  it is coming from PEGASYS themselves.

A letter is being circulated to members from executive director Wendy Quarles. The letter insinuated that the City of Enid would no longer carry religious programs. It would be up to the churches to distribute the programs via DVD or their website.

When contacted, Commissioner David Vanhooser issued this statement:

‘‘With regards to the letter received by many of our local churches, it appears the Pegasys Executive Director is spreading misinformation to our citizens, with the sole intent of creating confusion and dividing this city. I believe this is very unfortunate. The sole intent of my resolution with regards to Pegasys is to improve Public ,Educational, and Governmental public access TV and to save money for the taxpayers of Enid. There is absolutely no truth to her statement that the city of Enid cannot allow religious programming to continue.”

Spreading misinformation. The very definition of propaganda. Turns out the machine may be turning in the opposite direction.

An email to Wendy Quarles asking for comment went unreturned.

Why send out such an email? Stir up church viewers?