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So, it’s been a few days since we’ve had an article or post on the bigotry of the moment in our town.  Let’s be honest, Enid has a black eye.  We look like an ass-backwards little town in a solid red state that has no tolerance for minorities and people who are LGBT.

Here’s the thing though.  People round the country are looking at us coming to such conclusions based on the actions of pretty much one small group of people.  The bigot who has a club and those who support that bigot by going to his place or supporting him for his views recently.  And make no mistake…if you go eat his food, drink his beer, or support him in discussions about his recent antics, you are a part of the problem.  Whether you want to admit it or not.  So, in essence, we are all being judged based on the intolerance of a few.  And quite frankly, that’s not the town I know or the town I want to live in.  And for the most part, I believe that our town is made up of tolerant people who want people to have equality and tolerance in their town.  (unless of course it’s a City Council vote on workplace discrimination….but that’s a whole different conversation…)

So, how as a city do we combat this?  There is a boycott page on Facebook.  I’m not sure who has started that movement, but it’s a great start.  Sign up.  Encourage your friends to boycott and spread the message.  The boycott page is here:  Boycott Chicaros

There is a petition to Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to investigate the club.  Although, until the AG’s office has an actual claim filed, I’m not sure how they can investigate anything.  So, people who have had incidents are being encouraged to report them.  The petition is here:  Petition

But beyond that what can be done?  What can Route 60 do?  I’ve been thinking about that for a very long time, even dating back to prior to the latest incident.  And I think I’ve come up with a way that we can promote tolerance and acceptance, and not continue to shine a spotlight on Mr. Bigot.  It’s not about one man and his klan of bigot minions.  There are plenty of businesses that do NOT feel the way that he does.   And those are the ones we need to focus on.

As such, I am offering recognition to any business, organization, private individual,  or business professional who will simply do the following:

1.  Declare they are for equal treatment of all people regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion or any other personal trait, characteristic of an employee, client, or customer.

2.  Declare they do NOT condone the actions of any other business who discriminates in any way.

3.   Declare they will not frequent any such establishments that discriminate in any way.

4.  They will encourage people they know and/or employ to not frequent any such establishments that discriminate in any way..

In return, I will gladly publish their name as a “Friend of Equality and Non-Discrimination” on the Route 60 Sentinel.  Further, for any business or business professional, organization, or non-profit I will provide a FREE ADVERTISMENT on the main page Route 60 Sentinel’s website.

This seems to be one excellent way that I can help in this situation.

Let’s look to those businesses and organizations that do NOT want such things in our community.  Let’s focus on those and support them!

Thoughts Route 60 Nation?

As always, you can email me here.

– Mark