New roads


So, before we start having fun, I would love to remind everyone that sometimes I say things.  Sometimes, those things make sense.  At the very least, they make sense to me when I type them.  I think.  Anyway, sometimes the things I say are serious.  Sometimes, I poke fun or say things in jest.  And as we so often point out, sometimes, we cuss.  Not all the time.  So, if you read something and it sounds like a lame attempt at humor, it probably is just that.

Now, since we have the disclaimer out of the way, let’s have a bit of fun.  Recently, because Hootie sold out his concert at the Enid Event Center, someone decided to rename a portion of Independence after one of the songs he recorded, “Wagon Wheel.”  Now, they could have picked a song that he wrote or originally recorded, or even after his tour.  However, they went a different route.

So, let’s go our own route.

Here are some suggestions for some new street names in Enid…


Eric likes to hear his name, I’m told.  So, let’s add his title for good measure….



Yes, another Eric sign.  See, on the “Eric Expressway” no matter which way you want to go, the traffic will just force you to go the way it wants you to go and tear down old buildings to build new ones.


The Bigot Bridge.  OH!  Let’s rename the Maine Street Bridge this!  You know, because it sometimes makes trucks that pass beneath it take their “hats” off.  Also, sometimes it won’t let black trucks in there.




Does anyone know if Steve Kime was in Dallas in 1963?  Either way, let’s find a grassy knoll and name it after him.


Ok.  Not technically a street.  BUT, you COULD see a sign for it like this.  I think it’s catchy.




This could be a street name or double as an alternate town name.  Bonus!shewey


Square.  You know…because he’s…uh square?vanhooser


He’s probably gonna yell….


Ok….so, anyone else have any names for a street?