Ponder This

Once upon a time I was picked up by wind. No joke. There was no tornado, no storm, and absolutely no thought in my mind that one minute I’d be walking along minding my own business, and the next I would be in the air.

It happened on a day much like today, at 50 Penn Place in Oklahoma City, where I lived at the time. I had thrown one of my husband’s flannel shirts on to protect my arms from the grit blowing around. (Hey, it was the 90’s and all the dudes had a spare flannel hanging around.) Anyway, my hubby and I got out of the car and headed toward the door, and as I lifted my foot off the ground to step up onto a curb, the wind caught that flannel shirt and I became airborne! Now, I didn’t fly anywhere, and I was only up for a second, but let me tell you, there is nothing on this earth like the feeling of being IN THE AIR and not knowing if you are going to blow away! I screamed, grabbed hubby’s arm, and was immediately back on firm ground, but my wallet on a string (yes, folks…still the 90’s) flew off my shoulder and sailed like a super glider across the parking lot, scattering the contents from there to Canada (or at least to the next parking lot). So, on extra windy days like today…I urge you not to wear large flannel shirts, don’t carry a wallet on a string, and keep a firm grip on something heavy. You just might be swept away!