Route 60 Sentinel

Hate.  I really despise it.  And that is why the situation with the Chicaro Club has me riled up.  I hate the hate.  But here’s the problem with that…

It turns out, hate is bad…mkay?  (South Park viewers?  No?  OK…)

I don’t want to get overly religious here, because I’ve never really used this forum for that.   Our pastor in church today gave a very good sermon about hate.  Specifically, about how we are not supposed to hate our enemies or people who we disagree with on things.  She told a great story about how a member of a former congregation had lost a brother to murder and the murderer was ultimately sentenced to death for the crime.  The member of the church held much hate and anger towards the murderer for the loss of their loved one, which is really understandable to a degree.  However, the church member took the extra step of going to watch the murderer be executed to ensure that “justice was served.”  Afterwards, the pastor asked them if they felt any different.  They did not.  In fact, they felt worse.  Hate only stands to breed more hate and misery.

Initially, I started off in a good spot in regards to this whole thing.  I wanted to take the focus off the negative and put it on the positive.  However, the more I sat and stewed about it all, I really became angry about how this situation had been allowed to fester for 40+ years and how smug he was about his views.  And to paraphrase a little green Jedi, “…hate leads to suffering.”  Well, maybe not suffering in the “starving African child” type of suffering.  Commiserating, perhaps is the best word.  Commiserating with those who have been made to suffer at the hands of people like Gary James, or even perhaps at the perception nationwide and indeed, worldwide of our city.  While it is OK to recognize that injustice has been done, and shine a light on that, it is not ok to transfer the feeling back towards even the very perpetrator of the transgressions.  I am instead going to pray for him and for people who are done injustice by discrimination anywhere.  Pray…for him?  Yeah.

So, I don’t hate Gary James.  I just don’t like him.  I will pray for him and hope that at some point, he sees the error in his thinking.  If not, I will leave his judgment for God.

Is it ok for me to shine a light on his bigotry?  Yeah, it is.  And so I will.  But perhaps still, the best way for me to do that is to shine a brighter light on those who do not do as he does to his fellow man.

Ok…now, show of hands….who was surprised that I even went to church?