From the Office of Emergency Management

First of all, we will be testing our notification systems today between noon and 1pm. Storm sirens will be tested next Monday, April 7th.



The threat for severe weather exists again today for a good portion of the state and up in Kansas. For the Garfield County area, we are in the middle of a slight risk area. Will it go into a higher bracket today? Don’t know but whatever happens for sure, we’ll deal with it as we always do. This said, we will be dealing with a warm front that is currently at 0545L along I-40. A dryline will form out west as a surface low deepens as this front moves north. “IF” storms occur along the dryline, they will go severe very quickly. The main thing we have going for us right now is a very strong capping inversion which will prevent thunderstorm development until later today. The cap was very strong down south yesterday and that’s a lot of the reason they didn’t have many storms. Also, we don’t have the moisture in here yet, BUT WE WILL. Skies are clear right now but that will most likely change over time today. This said, our forecast is as follows:

Slight Risk of showers and thunderstorms after 4pm today.  Partly sunny, with highs in the upper 70′s.  Light  NE winds this morning becoming SE 5 to 10 mph in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation today is 30%.

Tonight: 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms before 1am. Cloudy, with lows in the mid 50′s. SSE winds5-15 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph.

Finally, if and when storms occur in our area, make sure you have prepared for this event. The main threats will be baseball to tennis ball size hail , winds to 70 mph, and isolated tornadoes.  Make sure you are clear on your severe weather plans both at work and at home, have your kits ready to go, and make sure you monitor the weather today and have several different ways to do so. You can monitor:  This is a good place to keep up with what is happening. We will send out an advisory over our notification network when data is updated later this morning.

Overall, have a great day and keep this in mind- DON’T DESPAIR, BE PREPARED.


Don't Panic and Just Prepare


Weather graphics credit:  National Weather Service Norman