Enid Roller GirlsIn preparation for the beginning of the 2014 season, I looked over a few things that were going to need to happen for the Roller Girls this season.  One of the biggest things was the obvious need to for new girls.  There were many girls that took the exit door over the past year and a half either through injury or for various personal reasons.  I walked into the second open try out of the off-season pleasantly surprised to already see girls out on the rink skating that I did not know combined with a decent turnout of more interested girls.

Enid Roller Girls vs. Oklahoma City Outlaws April 12 7pm Enid Event Center $10 tickets in advance or $12 at door!

I returned a few weeks later and asked to talk with a few of the new girls.  The first girl I talked with was named Amy Abele.  I was told that she had already been skating with the team and was a fast learner.  She came over and sat down and we began to talk…

Route 60:  Hey!

Skater: Hello!

Route 60:  What’s your name?

Skater:  Amy

Route 60:  What’s your derby name?

Amy:  Redneck Renegade!

Route 60:  How’d you come up with that?

Redneck Renegade:  I live up between Medford and Wakita out in the country….

Route 60: Oh, yeah that is country…

Redneck Renegade:  …and all these girls just think I’m country.  I hunt.  I fish.  I’m country.  I bring them eggs from my farm.  I sell them eggs from my farm (laughing)!

Route 60:  What year did you graduate?

Redneck Renegade:  High School?  ’99!  I’m not from here though.  I’m from West Virginia.

Route 60:  Sweet baby Jesus!  You’re not just redneck, you’re hillbilly!  Got a banjo?  You drink Mountain Dew there?  Of course you did….

Redneck Renegade: (Laughing)  Yeah….

Route 60:  What got you interested in derby?

Redneck Renegade:  I saw it on Facebook and thought it would be a great way to get out and meet some people.  Like I said, I live out in the country.  Stay at home mom.  Wanted something fun to do.  When I was a kid, I was a skating rink rat until I got my license.  Loved it.   Came out here.  The skating was like riding a bike.  It came right back to me.  I grew up playing team sports like soccer and basketball.  Played some in college.  I’m loving the team dynamic and camaraderie.

Route 60:  Had you ever seen derby before?

Redneck Renegade:  I had never been to a bout until I skated in my first bout against the Victory Dolls.

Route 60:  Wait.  You had NEVER been to a bout….

Redneck Renegade:  Never been to a bout.

Route 60:  WOW.

Redneck Renegade: I pictured what I imagined my father pictures in his head.  Because he’s still not into this thing.  I pictured old school ‘70s derby, like WWE style.

Route 60:  Right.

Redneck Renegade:  That’s what I pictured.

Route 60:  You had never even seen the movie “Whip It?”

Redneck Renegade:  No, still haven’t.  Isn’t that terrible?

Route 60:  Well….I’m only judging a little.

Redneck Renegade

Redneck Renegade AKA Amy Abele tag teams an opposing jammer with teammate Scream N’ Sugar. (Photo by Kathryn Broad Photography)


Route 60:  So far, what’s been the funnest part of derby?

Redneck Renegade:  Learning how to skate in a tight group of people.  It’s a blast!  I don’t know…meeting the people.  Working towards a unified cause.

Route 60:  What’s the toughest?

Redneck Renegade:  Getting over the fear.  For me it’s more the fear of failing more than falling.   Just getting over the fear that there are people out there trying to knock the snot out of you and that was a huge fear.  Once I got cleared to start taking hits it got a lot more fun or a lot less scary.  The fear of getting knocked over is the scariest part I guess.

Route 60:  How did you do in your first bout?

Redneck Renegade:  I did good.  I got MVP!

Route 60:  You did what now?

Redneck Renegade:  I got MVP!

Route 60:  In your first bout…

Redneck Renegade: Yeah.

RenegadeRoute 60:  Where you Jammer?

Redneck Renegade:  I was Jammer once. I got lead Jammer.

Route 60:  Good God.  You got lead Jammer on your first try?!

Redneck Renegade:  I had to call it off.  Cause that chick was coming fast.

Route 60:  What are your expectations for your first year?

Redneck Renegade:  We’ve only just started.  I’m excited to start growing the team as we build points towards the standings and hopefully get ranked.  I just wanna win!

Route 60:  What are your personal expectations as a derby skater?

Redneck Renegade:  I just want to improve.

Route 60:  That’s the right answer…

Redneck Renegade:  I’m still new.  I don’t want to quit improving.  I want to keep climbing.

Route 60:  You said you’re a stay at home mom…

Redneck Renegade:  Yeah, I used to be in the Air Force…

Route 60:  Woah!

Redneck Renegade:  C-130’s

Route 60:  Love the C-130’s.

Redneck Renegade:  Used to kick people, trucks, and huge objects out the back of my planes.  It was super awesome.

Route 60:  Best view too right?

Redneck Renegade:  Absolutely.  You’ve got a harness on and sitting on the edge of the ramp just watching the world go by…

Route 60:  Lastly, your skating number…304.  Where’d the inspiration for that come from?

Redneck Renegade:  My area code in West Virginia.

Route 60:  Sweet Lord help us all.  Thank you Amy.  Good luck this season!

Redneck Renegade:  Thanks!

Come back tomorrow for an interview with another new, yet somehow not new roller girl……