Photo Credit: Instagram user kevinstanoodles

Hey Route 60 Nation! All of us Enidites of a certain age have memories of shopping/hanging out at Oakwood Mall. Ever want to take a glimpse at the future? These images made me cringe…and they could be on Enid’s horizon sooner than you think. There was a plan to “de-mall” the mall, but it is in continuous limbo, and that is killing our mall with no immediate hope of a solution. We all know that some malls are still wildly successful. I went to Quail Springs two weeks ago, and it was packed! Look at these photos…THEY ARE BOTH HORRIFYING AND FASCINATING…and then tell us…What are your ideas? What could Oakwood Mall do to re-vitalize WITHOUT demolition if they are able to get out of this limbo? How could we make Oakwood Mall a destination again?

Click link to see photos of malls forgotten by time: