april 19I scheduled this to post exactly at the right time, but obviously you are reading it later.

For the first time in 19 years, I am a bit frustrated. I’m starting to hear griping. Maybe it’s just the era of social media. Maybe 19 years has simply wore people down. However, I have seen and heard friends and non-friends alike state that they were dreading the onslaught of posts just like this one. The memorial posts. The pictures. The reminders. The videos. The poems. The tributes. The memories. All of it. They didn’t want to see it.

Well guess what?  Too bad.  After almost 20 years, it’s not about you.  It’s about history now.  It’s our duty to teach it.  We have to make sure that the newer generations understand what happened that day.  They have no clue.  I looked in my children’s history book recently.  The images certainly did not do it justice.  The words certainly were tame.  Could I do a better job?  You bet.  Could you?  Probably.  That’s the point.  We are supposed to be able to do a better job at teaching the history that we lived through and we DID live through that part of history, as horrible and sad as it might have been.

Now, do I really want to look at the images and listen to the programs and all of that each year?  Actually, I do.  Why?  Because I don’t want to forget it.  Do I think I will ever forget it?  No, but sometimes I worry that I will forget how it did feel that day.  How horrible it felt to see the images for that first time.  To realize that there were children in that building.  To realize that it wasn’t an accident.  To realize that it wasn’t a foreigner who did this.  They were sickening feelings.

So, do yourself a favor and don’t grip today about it.  It’s just in poor taste honestly.  For multiple reasons.  I won’t even spend anymore time going into it.  Spend time with your family.  Hug them.  You never know when tomorrow won’t come.  For you.  For them.  I’ll leave you with my own April 19th tradition of 19 years.  Lightening Crashes by Live (the Rick and Brad Mix).

Enjoy the Holiday weekend and be safe Route 60 Nation…

Live – Lightning Crashes (Oklahoma Memorial) Rick and Brad KATT 100.5 FM