Sentinel Sports Roller Girls

Better late then never right?  That phrase could apply to two things.  This article AND the ERG victory over the OKC Outlaws last Saturday night.

First, the article was on hold for a bit as I was working on a video to accompany it.  I am still working on that, but I could wait no longer.  The article simply needed to go up.

Enid entered the bout with a lot of hope.  This was their first home bout of 2014 and the bout was being held in the every popular Enid Event Center.

Everything was set.  Enid had two newer players to help round out the cast of familiar faces.  We interviewed them here on Route 60, Mean Jean and Redneck Renegade.  Then, worst cast scenario happened.  They lost a player.

Not just any player.  The team captain.  Scream N’ Sugar.

During a practice a day or so before the bout, Sugar broke her leg from the knee to the ankle.  She had to have a rod surgically placed into her leg.

I don’t think this author is taking too much literary liberty by calling her part of the heart and soul of the team.  From an observational standpoint, she certainly was someone many others looked toward for encouragement and advice.

Enter Polly Punching Pocket or “Punchy” to help out the team.  She has lent the team a helping hand in the past.  Certainly a spry little number that one.WFTDA

OKC took the lead from the opening whistle and pretty much held it.  Enid kept it pretty close for a bit, but OKC kept it pretty much out of reach.  They finally started putting distance on the Roller Girls.  Then…something happened.

What happened?  I have no idea.  I know this…Sixxkiller got booted for too many penalties, then Punchy and Kelley RipHer put on a Jamming spectacular late in bout.  Punchy scored 25 points in one jam alone.  RipHer was getting the crowd into it and for their part, the crowd was having a blast.  They were ROCKING the EEC!  The Refs were having a hard time communicating penalty information and at times whistles were not being heard.  KUDOS to the crowd at the EEC!  That’s how you derby! In the end, OKC couldn’t contain the 1-2 punch (see what I did there?) of Punchy and RipHer as they ran out the clock preventing scoring.  Enid defeating OKC 140-112.