Route 60 SentinelThings I learned from my mother…

Mothers are teachers. Even when they are just living their lives, their children are soaking up everything about them…how they speak, what they do, who they are. This Mother’s Day, I’d like to challenge our readers to post the number one most important thing their mother taught them about life. This is my short list.


  1. If someone is hungry, feed them. We were not a particularly wealthy family, but there were kids and adults alike in our little town who were far worse off. My mother fed so many kids and even grownups, that I cannot recall all of them. She always invited people who did not have a place to go to Thanksgiving, but more importantly, any day of the week, a hungry kid could just show up and eat with us. Now that I am grown, I understand that the food was important, but perhaps even more so, was the atmosphere of love and acceptance.
  2. There is ALWAYS a way to do what needs to be done. My mother NEVER let ANYTHING stop her from doing something that needed to be done. Sometimes she had to invent wild and unconventional ways to do it, but there would be a way to make it happen. This taught us about so much more than determination. It taught us to think outside the box, look at things for their possibilities, and not to be afraid to reinvent objects, situations, and even ourselves in order to achieve what we set out to do.
  3. Love is forever. If my mother loves someone, she will never stop. She might get angry, she might not like what they were doing or how they were acting, but, if my mother loves you, it is forever…no conditions.


Ok, now the floor is yours! Let the world know the most important thing your mother taught you…and have a happy Mother’s Day!