A new kind of event/fundraiser will be taking place in Enid throughout the summer and fall this year.

“Tossed!” is a cooking competition much like ones seen on television. “It’s like Chopped meets Cut Throat Kitchen meets Survivor,” said event coordinators, Tammy Wilson and Amy Kelly.

There will be 12 contestants chosen. They will be divided into four groups of three. There will be four small competitions and the winner of each one will move on to the final showdown.

The four smaller competitions will take place at the Enid Farmers Market and the Downtown Kitchen Store – two at each location. At each of those, contestants will have to prepare one dish. The final event will take place at the Enid Event Center and contestants will have to prepare three dishes.

Contestants will be given mystery items that they will have to use in concocting a tasty and viable dish and there will be people tossed from the competition. HOWEVER, this is where it gets tricky – they will NOT have full kitchens and fancy gadgets to use – they will have to use whatever cooking apparatus they are given.

There will be a “pantry” of community items they will be able to use from and each station will be set up with utensils and basic preparation items.

“It’s going to be a true test of instinct and knowledge about food and how well folks can deal with pressure – and it’s going to be a lot of FUN to watch!” said Wilson.

The judges are Kayte Anton, Lindy Chambers, and Barb Benson.

The first competition has been designed and it will take place on June 21 at Greenid at Enid Farmers Market. Subsequent competitions will take place monthly and the final face off will be in October at the Enid Event Center. Tickets will be sold to the final event so the audience can cheer on their favorite contestant. There will be other activities the day of the final competition as well.

A portion of the proceeds from Tossed will go to benefit Enid’s food bank, Loaves & Fishes.

Contestants are being chosen by submitting essays telling us why they should be a Tossed competitor. To submit an essay, email it to For more information contact (580) 402-6732 or email