It was a bittersweet return to the old digs of Skatetown.  In the first of two scheduled bouts at Skatetown this season, Enid was squared off against River Valley Roller Girls from Arkansas.  ERG was still feeling the sting of the loss of team captain, Scream N Sugar, and now a stomach bug had bitten at the last moment and they were down one more, Mean Jean.  The good news was they were getting long time player Insane O Bueno back into the lineup.

The River Valley 1-2 punch of #420 Skatrix and #566 Pepe La Sewer were nearly unstoppable.  Particularly Skatrix.  She was fast, she was everywhere at once, and she could flat-out take a beating.  Oh, and she smiled a lot while doing it.  The duo of Skatrix and Pepe scored enough by themselves to defeat ERG.


Having said that, don’t think it was a blowout.  Not by any means.  ERG played a tough bout and it was a tale of two halves really.  The team that started the game and the team that finished the first half and the rest of the game.  ERG was down by 70 points at one point.  Then, just after half, had cut that deficit to half that.  They were able to keep that pace and only lost by 38 points.  In derby, 38 points is not a lot of points.  A couple of decent jams one way or another.  For not really being able to rotate fresh players in and out, that’s pretty dang admirable.

Enid Roller Girl MVPs for the game were Redneck Renegade and I Owe A Beatin’.

The next home bout for ERG is July 12th at Skatetown.  As always, doors open at 6, but the action starts at 7.  $12 at the door, but you can always save a few bucks by purchasing your ticket in advance from an Enid Roller Girl!  They will be taking on Roughneck Roller Derby of Tulsa.  This is their second WFTDA sanctioned bout EVER and their first of the year.


I want to thank Pete Serrata for allowing me to use some of his pictures!