As many of you are aware, I know some gay people. This has afforded me an unprecedented look into the gay lifestyle. I’ve heard plenty of folks say they don’t approve of the gay lifestyle. My experience has been that most of the people who say this, actually know very little about the gay lifestyle. This piece is a peek behind the curtain of this intimate lifestyle. The following are excerpts are from one week in the journal of my lesbian friend I’ll call Sasha. Names have been changed to protect the innocent, or the guilty, depending on your viewpoint. All excerpts are exact quotes, with the exception of the words in italics. These are my own words that I’ve inserted to provide understanding and context to the reader. Just a word of warning: if you are offended by the gay lifestyle, you will likely be offended by the content of this piece. I also want to preface this by saying that it would be unfair to make sweeping generalizations about an entire demographic of people based on this one account of the gay (or LGBT) lifestyle.

From the journal of Sasha Cook:

Monday, March 3rd: I think the free puppy we adopted, out of the back of an SUV at the old Supermart parking-lot, might have ear mites. He scratched and dug at his ears all night. Eva (Sasha’s partner, lover, roommate, and best friend for the last 18 years) and I agreed his name would be J.D. She wants it to stand for James Dean, and I think Jimmy Durante fits better.

Tuesday, March 4th: Left work early today to take J.D. to the vet. Ear mites are a definite yes, and unfortunately so is parvo. He’s spending the night at the vet’s office for IV meds and fluids. We went to Eva’s Aunt Lila’s house for supper tonight. As always, her Uncle Ted talked incessantly about illegal immigration for two hours. In-laws…….

Wednesday, March 5th: $285!!!! Some “free puppy!” We may have to put off the car payment for a week.

Thursday, March 6th: Eva has food poisoning. She looks like she’s dying. I hate seeing her this way. The silver lining is I was able to have chicken livers for dinner. Eva hates liver, so I only get it when we’re not eating dinner together. Turns out that J.D. loves liver too. Also, Eva is pissed. She saw the vet receipt with J.D.’s name, Jimmy Durante Cook, and not James Dean Williamson (Eva’s last name is Williamson.) I really didn’t think she would be as mad as she is. I need to figure out if she’s a dozen roses mad, or a week’s worth of doing dishes and vacuuming mad.

Friday, March, 7th: Horrible day at work. Somehow all of February’s sales disappeared or got deleted. I spent nine and a half hours entering everything into the computer again.

Saturday, March 8th: All that computer work jacked up my neck. I couldn’t even turn my head from side to side when I woke up this morning. Even though she’s still a little pissed, Eva gave me a thirty minute neck massage. That helped a bunch! I’m going to apologize for using my choice for J.D.’s name when I had to name him for the vet’s records. Maybe we can settle on James Dean Cook, or Jimmy Durante Williamson.

Sunday, March 9th: Had a cozy and peaceful night last night. Was shooting for make-up sex, but, half-way through the movie, we both fell asleep spooning on the couch. I woke up, J.D.’s ass was in my face.

dogAgain, please don’t make any sweeping judgments. Not all gay (LGBT) people adopt puppies, make their partner mad, get food poisoning, like liver, or have budget issues. However, some do, and that’s okay. It’s their lifestyle, who are we to judge? But, like I said, I know that some people say they don’t approve of the gay lifestyle. Given that, I thought it was important to reveal one example of what that lifestyle is, with an intimate look into the lives of Sasha Cook and Eva Williamson. So, here it is, with all of the gory details spelled out in black and white for the whole world to see. As disturbing as these journal entries are to read, at least now the people who say they don’t approve of the gay lifestyle, know exactly what they’re disapproving of. I guess in some small way I can see their point. I just don’t get people who like liver.

Kristi Balden