Who knew voter registration cards were good for kindling?  The things you learn after Mary Fallin wins primaries….

She did her best.  She really, really tried her best.  Mary Fallin tried so very hard not to earn your vote.  But you gave it to her any way.  200,000 of you sheep did.

How you might say?

Mary FallinWell, she campaigned on running a transparent office….while being um…being sued for not being transparent.  (source…. http://bit.ly/1nEttti)
It reminds me of her campaigning on family values 4 years ago.  Which.  You know what?  I could provide you links all day long about Mary Fallin.  I really could.  I could talk about how her personal life, which isn’t entirely fair, except it makes her a bit hypocritical when compared to her political decisions.  I could talk about her wild antics this year regarding Common Core, going from adamantly defending it one week and vetoing legislation meant to end it in the state, to then signing legislation and lashing out at the Obama administration for Common Core.  An idea that she had defending very vigorously only DAYS before. I could talk about she was quick to rush through the due process of law in the execution cases of a few inmates that were to be executed using a new method, only to have the very first execution botched.  There are so many things we could talk about.  I could link all day long.  And it would not make a damn bit of difference.  The sheep will still line up.

Sheep #1:  I’m a Republican!  I should vote for the Governor to show my support!  It’s my duty….to the party!

Sheep #2:  I agree!  The Governor has done a great job!  Oklahoma is such a fantastic state!

Sheep #3:  Wait guys.  But…really.  What has she done?


And very predictably…Oklahoma Republicans went to the polls.  They looked at the ballots.  They saw three names.

Dax Ewbank.

Chad Moody

Mary Fallin

They recognized Mary Fallin.  They punted and voted for her.  All past issues forgiven seemingly.

I love my great state.  I love my country.  I want that to be very clear.  That’s why this is so important to me.  But it doesn’t really seem to matter how I vote personally.  Either way, I’ve had it with being a “Republican.”  As it was, I’ve been a Republican in name only or a RINO as they like to refer to us, as if it’s an insult.  So, goodbye Republicans.  Am I switching to Democrat?  Uh….I don’t know if I can go that far just yet.  Am I switching to Independent?  In Oklahoma, that’s akin to being a leper.  You only get to vote in general elections.  It seems I have a big decision to make.



Here is a photo of how I made the change today.  It involved a burned thumb.  Who knew government paper went up in flames so quickly?  Oh, I bet that lady at the IRS did!

Voter Card