Enid Roller GirlsOn Saturday night, the Enid Roller Girls were squared off against Roughneck Roller Derby in what was their second WFTDA sanctioned bout.  The Enid squad had faced RRD before, handling them rather easily.  Enid Coach Schoogz Knight expected them to be much tougher this time around.  He was right.

For some of the Enid crowd and players, the entire night was shrouded in somberness and emotion.  A former derby girl, Tiffany McFadden, who skated under the name of “Moody Blu,” had passed away.  Tiffany, was not a current derby girl, having left the squad in early 2013, but still attended many of the bouts and cheered on ERG.  Before the bout started, they had a moment of silence in her honor.

I wanted to share one thing about Tiffany.  We were having a conversation one time and she said something that caused me to smile.  She then said this:

Thanks for making my day with your smile!  That’s always my goal ya know? To make the most people smile as possible. That’s what it’s about!

Tiffany was known for HER smile.  It was infectious.  Just thinking about it as I type this, is making me smile. So, technically, she just met her goal again.  She made me smile.  But I wonder if she knew how many times she made other people’s days with her smile?  Thanks Tiffany.  We will all miss you.

Tiffany McFadden

The bout.  How do you lace up your skates and go derby after that?  Some of ERG was obviously in a position that was difficult.

However, some of them were new.  In fact, two new members of ERG made their official debut.  Sandy Kane and Betty Back Off.  Congratulations!

As mentioned, the bout, did get off to a bit of a slow start for ERG, scoring only 48 points in the first half.  The second half was a much more competitive bout.  There was fire in the tanks of ERG and you could see the desire to win.  But for every point ERG seemed to gather, RRD would seem to turn around and score again.  The gap did shorten and in the end, it was a 30 point loss for Enid.  187-157.  Certainly not a huge loss.  But a loss.

Redneck Renegade


Nikki Sixxkiller


Mean Jean


I Owe a Beatin


Insane O Bueno


Enid’s next bout will be August 2nd at the fantastic Enid Event Center in wonderful downtown Enid.